13/14 Weekly Summary

Remix Assignment – Judge Judy Eyes Made Boring

Other Remix Assignments

Music Mash Up – 4 Stars

Movie Poster From the Future Past – 4 Stars

Daily Creates:


I think remixing and mashing up other people’s creations is fine, but if it were me, I would primarily strive to create something completely original.  I feel like, as an artist, it’s most important for you to come up with your own ideas and expressions.  That way you know the answers to all the questions of your work when people ask them, so as to avoid disconnect between artist and creation.  Also there’s no copyright involved in original creations, so that’s nice too.  There’s a place for these kinds of creations, but I feel even in it’s most fitting place, something unique would be far more effective (though far more challenging to create).

Jack Brooks

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