How to Make a Story Map

The KnightLab Story Map is a fun way to tell the story of a trip in an organized manner.  I used this in my final project about a wanderer to help me tell their story from their various destinations.


  1. Click the “Make a story map now” button in the center of the KnightLab home page.


2. Name your story map whatever you want


3.  Click add slide on the left side to create the first point of your trip


4.  Search for the location of the destination in the search bar in the center of the screen.


5.  Add media to your slide by posting the URL to the image or upload an image.  Make sure to give credit in the credit field as well.


6.  Add the story and title to the slide in the right side of the bottom half


7.  Repeat the first 6 steps for as many destinations as you have in your trip

8.  Save the map by clicking the icon in the top right.  Then click the share button to bring up the embedding options.



9.  To embed your post in WordPress, you must install the KnightLab Time Table plugin.  Add a new plugin and search for “KnightLab” in the plugins store.


10.  After installing the KnightLab plugin, an “Add Timeline Option” will be added in the blog editor.


Click on it and copy paste the embed code from the embedding options in the story map editor into the Data source field.


This will add an interactive story map to your blogpost.  You’re done!



Jack Brooks

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