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Link to my Final Project.

I came up with the idea for this project after seeing the Story Map assignment in the visual assignments.  Thinking of a journey made me think of the song “The Seeker” by The Who, which became the primary inspiration for the story.  Through the map I wanted to make a large story comprised by several smaller ones.  Their shorted than how I actually wanted them, but it would take too long for me to put more detail into them.  So the character of The Seeker was one who wandered the world looking for stories to observe, which revolved around the theme of how stories are nothing until they are told.

I thought using the song itself as ambient background by slowing it would make for an interesting easter egg kind of thing.  I had already slowed one song before, so I already had the software to do it, so it was quick and painless to make it.

I made the wanted poster to add a bit of mystery to the character and give a bit of background on the setting.  I used Word to make it using the missing pet template, so I had to remove the references to pets.  I just found the picture looking up wanderer on google images (there’s some movie called “The Seeker” which made looking for that impossible.)

For the conclusion of the story, I wanted there to be something that satisfyingly ends the story as well as coincides with the mysterious theme of the character.  I looked back to the song, and took it’s most famous line, and read it in what I feel is an appropriate manner.  This was inspired by the One Quote a Day audio assignment, which I had also done before.

I like stories that are cryptic, that don’t spell everything out for the viewer.  So I applied that to the character and to the short stories I put in the story map.  I wanted people to think about the smaller details that may be overlooked.  I think the media I used adds a good atmosphere and helps convey the story.  I’m particularly happy with the map and how I could use it to tell small chapters.  Overall, I’m happy with what I was able to do in the time I had to complete it.  I would have liked to put more detail into both the main story as well as the short ones in the map, but unfortunately I couldn’t come up with anything in the time I had.

Link to Story Map tutorial – 4 stars

Link to 800% Speed tutorial – 2.5 stars

Jack Brooks

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