Week 9 Summary

Grumpy Desperados Show Review

Digital Storyfellers Show Review

Slayer Cat Shirt – Required Assignment

Web Assignments:

Vacation of a Lifetime (3.5 Stars)

Johnny Obvious Resume (3 Stars)

I found this week to actually be enjoyable.  I enjoy writing reviews and it was fun to listen to another groups show and give my thoughts.  Listening to our own show wasn’t as fun, since it’s always harder to be honest with your own creation, but I feel I did a good job of removing bias.  The web page assignments were very enjoyable.  I actually had a laugh looking at my alteration of the web page, and the other assignments were creative ways to express our interests and come up with a funny character.  They were a heck of a lot easier than writing our own HTML for a web page.

Jack Brooks

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