Week 6 Daily Creates

For this we had to take a picture that showed the changing of the seasons.  It was pretty cold that day so I just took a picture of the thermometer outside my house.  Think that’s a pretty good indication of the yearly weather change.

This one we just had to take a picture of what was outside our window.  Unfortunately I didn’t look at the assignment until it was dark out, so there was nothing but black.  I added the little quip about my soul just to add a bit more to it since darkness isn’t super interesting.

Here we had to hand write a poem and take a picture of it.  I actually like how this one turned out.  I’m no poetry critic, but I like the way my handwriting makes it look more interesting.  And they say it should have improved since second grade!

This one we just had to find a picture of what we saw ourselves being packaged in.  Most people don’t think of jars as packaging, but I could see myself staring into the eyes of someone through the jar before they bought it.

Jack Brooks

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  1. I enjoyed looking through your week 6 daily creates. My two favorites are the poem, and the thermometer. The thermometer is a clever idea of representing a change in season. It is now fall, so the temperature is getting cooler. I did not think of a thermometer for that assignment. I do not even have a thermometer I don’t think. I like your poem, it has a good rhythm and makes the reader think about the words and the meaning. #talkingpolack106

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