Vacation of a Lifetime

I had to think of a dream vacation and create a pinterest board of it for the My Dream Vacation assignment.  Here it is:


Couldn’t get the widget to work properly, unfortunately.

So my dream vacation would involve going to a very remote place with lots to see in the natural world like Norway.  I don’t mind the cold and some of the sights you see in pictures are truly breathtaking.  I don’t know what kind of food they eat there, but I imagine anything would be worth bearing to take a visit there.

Next I think I would like to visit Japan to get a look at some of the technological marvels they have there, like the robot cafe you can see on the pinterest page.  Tokyo is a big city in particular and has loads to see and explore, especially for tech heads.

One thing I’d like to do anywhere is skiing.  I’ve never done it, but it’s always been something I think I’d like to learn someday.  Something about whisking down a mountain at a fast speed just seems incredibly thrilling.  And the sights are beautiful, of course.

To make this project, all I had to do was go to pinterest, create an account, create a vacation board, and find various pins on places I would like to visit.  I don’t think about this kind of thing very often, so it took me some time to think of places I would like to go.  The keywords I came up with were Norway, Japan, and skiing.

Jack Brooks

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