Movie Poster From the Future Past

For the This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment, we had to take two scenes from two different movies and mash a picture out of them.  I used one scene and technically a movie poster, but I feel the affect is the same.

Movie Mash Up

Clerks is a movie released in the 90’s that was filmed in black and white because of budget constraints.  The Artist is a movie released in 2011 that was filmed in black and white as a stylistic choice.  Thinking about it, the poster for The Artist doesn’t feel too out of place.  Someone in the 90’s probably wouldn’t think of it as a film that would be made two decades later.  Considering it’s place in the scene as a poster outside a video rental store (yeah, it’s the 90’s), the effect is magnified.

I enjoyed both of these movies, despite their completely contrasting styles.  Clerks is very raunchy and vulgar comedy, while The Artist is a very stylized film that makes you think.  I think both of them are iconic in their own ways.  They are both creative in telling two completely different stories without needing the overly imposing computer effects of Hollywood.  Thinking about it deeply, they don’t feel completely different from each other.

How I made it:

  1. Found the two images on Google and downloaded them
  2. Opened them on Microsoft Paint
  3. Moved the poster into an appropriate spot


4.  Saved the image and uploaded it to Flickr

Jack Brooks

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