Judge Judy Eyes Made Boring

My remix assignment was to do the GIF Me Again About My Eyes assignment and make it into a bad powerpoint presentation.

I don’t know how to post a powerpoint in a blog post, so you can just download the Boring Powerpoint.

I used this person’s GIF of Judge Judy rolling her eyes as my media.

It was easy to make a crappy powerpoint.  The difficult part was figuring out how to make a powerpoint out of just a GIF.  I just decided to write about Judge Judy and her history, and how eyes can express emotion.  I made sure to write out every point in the slides as a full sentence, leaving no detail left for the explanation of the presenter.  To make it worse, I used a yellow background with red text, and made the text in Comic Sans font to give it that extra dose of unprofessional.  Lastly I added the clip arts, just to put the icing on the cake.

It’s fun doing things the wrong way on purpose.  It helps to appreciate the way good powerpoint presentations are done and how difficult it is to not put an audience to sleep.

Jack Brooks

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