Holding Back Tears

Mj proposal

“Two lovers met at a patio in the city.  He had a big surprise for her.  With Michael Jordan setting the mood with his keen guitar playing, he proposed to her.  She didn’t have to hesitate in her answer.  They kissed to celebrate their love.  His Airness couldn’t hold back his emotions, teardrops flowing from his eyes at the beautiful sight.”

So I know I usually go for more interesting twists in the stories I try to tell, but romances don’t really interest me and I wasn’t feeling super creative.  So I just went with something funny.  So for the edited Love at First Shot assignment, I used this amazing picture of Michael Jordan to add a bit of humor to the photo.

First I looked up proposal on google images and tried to find one with someone in the background.  Then I downloaded the Jordan photo and cropped it in GIMP to fit the size of the picture.  Unfortunately I have no idea how to change transparency in GIMP, so I had to leave the glaring white background around the head (for some reason GIMP keeps a white square around it even when just the head is selected to be cropped.)

Jack Brooks

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  1. Yes, Michael Jordan is perfect in this picture? Is the image of him crying? If so, that picture has been in so many memes. It is hard to image Michael Jordan doing anything besides playing basketball or talking basketball. For the white space around his head, could you have erased it somehow? I know Pixlr Editor allows you too, and you could have done the same thing you did using Pixlr Editor. Very funny alteration though. #talkingpolack106

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