Do This Every Day

For the Signing Words assignment, we had to make a video of ourselves creating a word in sign language.  This is what I made:

We’re supposed to let the viewer guess the word we make.  I chose a word that’s a very important thing to do every day, every hour, every minute.  Before every action even.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, if you do what the signs tell you to do.

It’s something I do all the time, without anybody ever realizing or doing what it says about it.  It’s a concept I think is highly relevant to life and your personal identity.  This action defines everything about you, so make sure you do it for everything you do.

To make this project, I tried to get my phone at a good angle to capture my hand without my face shown.  The point of observation should be the hand, so my face would have just been distracting.  It was difficult to find an angle that I could twist my hand into the signs in and get a good camera image on in.  Here I put my phone on a table and got on my knees.  After filming it, I imported the file from my phone to my computer into Windows Movie Maker.  There I added the beginning and ending cards.  Since there was some background noise in the video, I decided just to mute the whole thing since sound isn’t important at all to it.


After that I just uploaded the file to YouTube.

Jack Brooks

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  1. Hmmm…I just can;t THINK of what the word could be, I keep THINKing about it, but it does not come to mind. Perhaps it is unTHINKable?
    I have seen quite a few people do this assignment (myself included), not having the face in the video actually did help a lot with focusing on what was being signed.

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