Tutorial for 800%

This is a walkthrough of this assignment which requires you to slow a song down 800% too create an ethereal version.  It’s important to distinguish between expanding the song (which makes the tones lower) and slowing it down.  The process is simple, but requires an outside tool to do it.

  1.  Download the software from this website


2.  Find a youtube video of the song you wish to slow down and upload it to youtube-mp3.org.  Download and save the file


3.  Upload the downloaded mp3 file to the slowing software by clicking open audio file under File

4.  Adjust the slider to about 8.00 times the normal speed


5.  Click the render and save audio option under file

This will download the file to your computer, with which you can upload to soundcloud, and now you’re done.

Jack Brooks

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